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Since 1991, offices and businesses have relied on ABSDelmarva to maintain their office phone systems. Whether you use a Nortel, Meridian, Lucent, Avaya, Vodavi, or Toshiba Business Phone System, we are here to assist. ABSDelmarva provides the assurance that your legacy phone system can continue operating smoothly, ensuring uninterrupted communication flow.


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Phone System Repair Eastern Shore

Phone System Repair

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Phone System Repair Eastern Shore

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We understand the critical role your Business Phone System plays. Whether your Avaya Phone has static or your Nortel Phone is experiencing issues, our expert team provides reliable phone system support throughout the Eastern shore and beyond. Phone systems are intricate electronic devices, and older technology, though cutting-edge in its time, now requires specialized knowledge that many vendors cannot provide.

Line Phone Systems, still widely available and favored by small businesses, utilize traditional carrier phone lines. Known for their flexibility and extensive call handling options, Line Phone Systems offer user-friendly call management, including traditional hold functionalities for seamless call transfers. These systems adapt to your business needs, ensuring efficient communication handling without the complexity of VoIP solutions.

Our services encompass a range of needs, from legacy phone system maintenance and repair to optimizing performance and integrating new features into existing setups. Whether you seek installation assistance, system upgrades, or troubleshooting, ABS Delmarva is committed to delivering tailored solutions that meet your specific business communication requirements.

For small businesses seeking reliable office phone systems, ABS Delmarva offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your operational needs. Our expertise extends to Business Phone Systems, Office Phone Systems, and small business phone services. Trust ABS Delmarva to provide the expertise and support necessary to keep your communication infrastructure running smoothly, enhancing your business’s productivity and customer satisfaction.

When your telephone system fails to perform we are able to quickly and efficiently resolve the telephone system problems.  Our telephone technicians will resolve common phone issues such as dial tone problems, wiring issues, down system, program changes,  problems with voice quality, carrier issues, Phones Have Static, dropped calls, and VOIP connectivity.  As a full service telecom provider, we are experts in troubleshooting and resolving any business phone equipment issue. Whatever you need, our  telephone technicians at ABS are here to help.

Major Brands we repair like:

Nortel RepairAvaya RepairVodavi RepairLucent RepairToshiba Phone Repair  – NEC Repair 


Avaya Phone Repair


FAQs About Legacy Phone Systems

What are Legacy Phone Systems?
Legacy Phone Systems refer to traditional business phone systems that utilize existing carrier phone lines instead of VoIP technology.
Why choose a Legacy Phone System?
Legacy Phone Systems are preferred for their reliability, familiar call handling options, and suitability for small business environments.
How can ABSDelmvar help with Legacy Phone Systems?
ABSDelmvar provides comprehensive support for Legacy Phone Systems, including maintenance, repair, and system upgrades to optimize performance.
Which brands of Legacy Phone Systems does ABS Delmarva support?
We support a wide range of Legacy Phone Systems, including Nortel, Meridian, Lucent, Avaya, Vodavi, and Toshiba.
Do Legacy Phone Systems support modern features?
Yes, ABS Delmavar can integrate new features into existing Legacy Phone Systems to enhance functionality and meet current business needs.
Who works on Phone Systems on Eastern Shore?
ABSDELMARVA – ABSPHONES is a regional provider of Phone System Repair on the eastern shore of MD and Delaware.

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