How to reset Avaya Phone Password

Reset Avaya Password

Are you trying to reset your Avaya Phone System Password?  Here are the steps to resetting your Avaya Phone Password for your Avaya Phone System.


Please first understand there are many different Avaya Phone Systems

Avaya IP Offices

Avaya Partner 

Avaya Cloud Office 

If you need Onsite Support

Avaya Support


Reset Avaya Password

How to reset Avaya Password

To reset your Avaya Cloud Office follow these steps

Resetting The Avaya Cloud

  1. Navigate to
  2. *Log into your account by entering your email address or user-assigned phone number, followed by your password
  3. Select Settings
  4. Select User Details > Security Tab
  5. Select Change Password, review and accept the Confirmation
  6. Enter your current password & click Next
  7. Select Change PIN tab
  8. Enter a new PIN**, ensuring the criteria is met
  9. Reenter your new PIN and click Save – you have now changed your PIN



How to rest Avaya Password

How to Reset your Avaya IP Office Password

  1. You will need access to the Managers Software
  2. Go to below URL: https://<system manager IP or FQDN>/local-login.
  3. Login with CLI user credentials that you created while deployment**
  4. For User ID “admin”, set password to “admin123”
  5. Logout of local-login.
  6. Now try to login System Manager GUI with admin/admin123. …
  7. Change the password for admin user.

If you do not have access to your Manager Software you will NEED ON-SITE SUPPORT call the number above for assistance in (37) States by A.B.S Support.


How to Reset Avaya Password

How to reset voicemail password on Partner Phone System voicemail

  1. Press 4 for Mailbox Administration.
  2. Press 6 to modify a mailbox.
  3. Enter Mailbox Number + #.
  4. Press 3 to initialize the password.

If your not sure how to do this then you can get on-site support from our support team above  ABS Support contact us today.



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January 17, 2023