Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Avaya 18D Phone System

Avaya 18D Phone System

No longer made the Avaya18D Phone System was state of the art & built to last but as it ages you need Avaya Support and Avaya Repair for your phone system.

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Avaya Phone System

The Avaya 18D Phone system as it is sometimes referred to or the Avaya Partner Phone system is an aging phone system that was designed to last but not completely designed for Avaya Repair.  These systems were built in great quality but now being over 20 years old these systems are struggling to keep up with today’s office environments.

Who offers Avaya Repair?

There are two major companies providing Avaya Repair and Avaya Support on the 18D Phone System.  One of the is Avaya Repair by TelcomPBX and the other offers Avaya Repair Atlantic Business Systems.

Unleash the Power of the Avaya Partner Phone System for Small Businesses

The Avaya Partner Phone System has cemented its position as one of the most popular small business phone systems ever created. With over a million units sold in a single year to small businesses and organizations across the United States, the Avaya Partner has revolutionized the way smaller enterprises communicate. This powerful phone system gives business owners access to advanced call flow tools, such as Auto Attendants, and seamless call handling capabilities, enabling them to compete with larger organizations.

The Avaya Partner: A Pioneer in Small Business Telephony

The Avaya Partner Phone System was among the first to cater specifically to the needs of small businesses, providing them with the same robust features and capabilities as larger organizations. Its groundbreaking call flow tools, like Auto Attendants, streamline the way calls are managed, while the intuitive call handling features let users put calls on hold and retrieve them from any phone within the system. By utilizing the Avaya Partner, small businesses can enhance their communication systems and maximize efficiency.

Avaya 18D: The Backbone of the Avaya Partner Phone System

The Avaya 18D Phone is a critical component of the Avaya Partner Phone System, offering durability and an impressive array of features. As a full-featured display telephone, the Avaya Lucent Partner 18D is designed to improve productivity and communication within your business.

Enhanced Caller Information with the Avaya 18D Phone

The Avaya 18D Phone provides valuable information to users through its display. When connected to PARTNER II Systems and equipped with Caller ID service, the Avaya Partner 18D can display an incoming caller’s telephone number, giving your employees a heads-up before answering the call. This feature not only adds a layer of professionalism but also helps your staff manage their time and prioritize calls.

Versatile Programmable Buttons for Streamlined Operations

With 16 programmable buttons, the Avaya Partner 18D enables you to customize your phone experience to suit your business needs. Assigning frequently used features and extensions to these buttons can save time and streamline operations, increasing overall efficiency within your organization.

Expand Your Communication Capabilities with the Avaya 18D’s Auxiliary Port

The Avaya Partner 18D goes beyond just serving as a reliable business phone; it also features a built-in auxiliary port for connecting tip/ring devices. This versatile port allows you to easily integrate fax machines, single-line telephones, and answering machines with your Avaya Phone System, further enhancing your communication capabilities.

Invest in the Avaya Partner Phone System for Unrivaled Communication Solutions

The Avaya Partner Phone System, powered by the Avaya 18D Phone, is an investment that can pay significant dividends for small businesses. By leveraging this advanced communication solution, you’ll gain access to powerful call flow tools and seamless call handling capabilities typically reserved for larger organizations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your business communication with the Avaya 18D Phone System – make the switch today and witness the difference it can make for your organization. Another provider who works on the Avaya Partner offering Avaya Repair is Atlantic Business Systems.



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April 9, 2023