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Message on hold can be both a powerful marketing tool as well as greatly improve customer care together giving your organization improve opportunities for a better bottom line.  These on hold Greetings  or on-hold promos can create opportunities for improved profitability and Why to use a Message on Hold.


10 reasons why small businesses should be using Message on Hold Systems to improve their business and cover the cost of office phone systems.

  1. Keeps callers engaged and less likely to hang up.
  2. Provides an opportunity to promote products or services.
  3. Can be used to share important information, such as business hours or location.
  4. Can be used to improve customer service by providing helpful tips or frequently asked questions.
  5. Can be used to build brand awareness by including the business name and logo.
  6. Can be used to increase cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
  7. Can be used to improve call routing by providing options for callers to select.
  8. Can be used to increase lead generation by providing a call-to-action.
  9. Can be used to reduce caller frustration by providing an estimated wait time.
  10. Can be used to improve customer loyalty by showing that the business values their time.

On Hold Systems and Why they matter

Studies show that dead air or hearing nothing is truly bad for someone waiting because the brain tends to want to be active.  The caller or listener will sit and wonder and ponder. The time they wait often seems much longer than it actually is.   This is simply not good for your business as this often leads to more frustrated and angry clients who believe they have waited too long.

On Hold Promos

The big opportunity your organization Is missing is the opportunity for add-on services or products that could increase a client’s financial benefit to your organization.  The cost to obtain that client can be offset with additional revenues increases your overall bottom line and making your organization more money but more profitable.

On Hold Geetings 

Information is today’s customer care because today’s society with google feels it wants to have the knowledge and be educated about why they should be dealing with you and what you offer and do that benefits them.  They want the Value to add or why would they not go to a “big box” or online retailers or providers to obtain a service or product?

On Hold Systems

There are various ways to an on hold greeting or on hold message can be presented to the caller.  There are systems for both analog lines through a phone system as well as some cloud-based office phone systems that include the ability to plays these.  THere are big differences between how they work and there costs.  Many Cloud-based systems require you to break up the message so that it is more random as the greeting starts over each time.


On Hold Scripts

The nice thing about dealing with TriTella we help you produce a professional on-hold script and have on-hold demos that you can listen to help you achieve your goals.


This Business Phone Repair Article is about Messages on hold and On Hold Message systems that local businesses can use to improve their bottom line as well as the following topics:

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